Wyatt Pierpont

Wyatt Pierpont


  • CrossFit Level 1


  • CrossFit Level 1 Certification Course
  • Judges Course


Wyatt has been coaching with CrossFit Lynden from it’s inception in October of 2016. He’s passionate and personable, and does an amazing job at listening to the members and helping them move towards their goals at a pace that is comfortable and exciting for them. Wyatt will always go above-and-beyond to help members understand what they need to know.

Wyatt is one of the quieter coaches, but his ability to identify areas of growth in our athletes and communicate it in a way that is nothing but encouraging is unparalleled. His smile is big and infectious, and he can come up with some exciting, creative movements (ask him to show you his banded burpee!).

Wyatt is married and in his free time enjoys finding various projects to work on.

Wyatt is a well-balanced programmer, and is available for personal training. Contact him with any questions you may have!


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